Adha Widhayansah

“Art is self-discovery, a way to know myself, a visual note of what I have experienced and learned”
Born: Pekalongan, 20th July 1989

Studies: Senior High School

Adha consistenly specifies his artworks in impressionist style, especially in ‘self’, figures visualization with brightcolor. For Adha, trying to know himself; to have balance on our thoughts, words, emotion and actions are important to have harmony in life. Adha keeps exploring and learning in his artwork process, where he always find new things (such as technique) to explore, beyond his expectations. Adha’s artworks are indeed his representation, as his artworks are the outputs of his own experiences or other’s life experiences that he has observed.

• 2018 “Perupa Muda#3 Ring Road”, Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta

• 2018 “Imagine Beauty”, Sunrise Art Gallery & Arcade, Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta

• 2018 “Nandur Srawung; BEBRAYAN D.I.W.O”, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

• 2017 “Tetris”, Galeri Fadjar Sidik ISI, Yogyakarta

• 2017 “Pameran Bersama”, Hotel Novotel Surabaya, Surabaya

• 2016 “Art Charity for Pidi-Aceh”, Langit Art Space, Yogyakarta

• 2016 “Kenduren #3”, Perahu Art Connection, Yogyakarta

• 2015 “Nandur Srawung #2 “, Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta

• 2015 “Paseduluran “, Rumah Seni Banyu Bening, Magelang

• 2015 “RoCo6x6 “, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, New York

About the Artist:
Even Adha is an autodidact artist and has never joined any art institution, he has been interested with art and started to paint since he was very young. In the beginning, Adha started to learn many kind of arts in various media, then finally he decided to focus on painting. For Adha, to paint is to express himself, as for him arts is the bridge to communicate to the audiences.