Imam Abdillah

Born: Semarang, 23 June 1976

Studies: Technical Senior High school

Works: Imam does surreal painting , he specialize painting that visualize his concern on social issues and nature extinction


  • 2010, Wenditt gallery, New York


  • 2009 Ujuh Bintang Art Award Jogja
  • 2010 Jakarta Art Award
  • 2013 UOB painting competition

About the Artist:

As a surreal painter, Imam has joined many painting exhibition in Indonesia and ever been nominated in one painting competition in US .This painter keep visualizing so many suffering surrounding daily life on his painting such as lower class daily struggle toward capitalization . All of his painting contents a deep meaning as a result of a deep reflection, all detail look so real, no wonder he could finish one painting in one year. Imam went to construction technique class in senior high school, he even did not join any art formal education before, and he only ever went to painting class when he was on junior high school in his hometown. His inspiration is Salvador Dali.

Need to Know:

  • Imam join an artist community name Taring Padi which painters gather and do social movement in Yogyakarta which concern on social issues.