Kukuh Nuswantara

“Art is the way to bring up the relevant issues to give the balance to this world”

Born: Surabaya. October 26, 1966

Studies: Indonesian Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta

Kukuh consistently brings the same technique and neo expressionist style in his paintings. His paintings are based on issues like the decadance of natural resources, politics etc. For Kukuh, an art is the representation of an era and an artist, who is a very sensitive person can through his artwork express the relevant issues and visualize the ideal dream as the morale to the world, thus strike a balance in the world.
Kukuh is very inspired by modern civilization marked by many SARA conflicts as well as the abuse of power by the authorities. Painting with the look of a human face using dark colors implies that humans are filled with greed and thirst for power that which is happening everywhere, therefore he hopes that his paintings will inculcate human values so that peace can be created in this world .

Solo Exhibitions:
• 1990 ”Culture Nusantara”, CCF, Surabaya
• 1995 “Independence is happiness”, DKS, Surabaya
• 1998 “What da Steady In Mind”, GaleryLinggar, Jakarta
• 1998 “There Is Steady In Mind& Full Cultural”, Purna Budaya, Yogyakarta
• 1999 “The dreams & Café”, Solo, Surakarta
• 2000 “Awake in a dream”, Hotel Hilto, Jakarta
• 2008 “The Face in My Imaginary”, Bentara Budaya, Yogyakarta

Group Exhibitions:
• 2014 “Mas Bejo“, Gallery 678, Jakarta
• 2014 “Celebration of a New Hope”, Gallery Hadiprana, Jakarta
• 2015 “Beauty of Waisak”, Borobudur, Magelang
• 2016 “Bienalle I”, Semarang
• 2017 “UOB Painting of the year”, Jakarta
• 2017 “UOB Painting of the year”, Singapore
• 2018 “Art Jakarta Fair”, Jakarta

• 2017 Winner UOB The Painting of The Year (Jakarta)

About the Artist:
Kukuh inherited his painting skill from his father, O.H.Supono who was a famous painter in the 1950s in Indonesia. He, following his father’s footstep decided to be a painter since he was a child. Kukuh’s idol has always been his father, Supono, who was very energetic, and he painted in various styles. Kukuh was also inspired by Picasso. He never went to a formal painting class until he finished his senior high school and then he joined the Indonesian Institute of Art Yogyakarta. In 2017, Kukuh’s painting was recognized as ‘The Painting of the Year’ at the UOB competition in Jakarta. His painting, titled “Darkness”– a visualization of reformation movement in Indonesia, is recognized as a unique painting which is visually and conceptually direct and blatant.

Need to know:

Besides working on canvas, Kukuh also does wooden sculpture