Rajul Shah

Born: Feb 1968

Studies: BS Marketing & Finance MBA Pharmaceutical Marketing Continuing Education Studies –Temple Tokyo Tyler School of Art.

• August, 2020: 29th Annual International Society of Experimental Artists – originally Alberta, Canada – now online due to COVID-19 – www.iseaartexhibit.org
• April – May: “All Planet Earth” International Juried Online Exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery
• April: 3rd Annual Online “COLORS” Art Competition (international juried), Contemporary Art Room Gallery
• Artsy Shark Artist Showcase Spring 2020
• March: 11th Annual Abstracts Group Exhibition
(international juried) www.lightspacetime.art
• March: All Women Artist Competition (international juried Group Show)
• March: “Skies” Group Exhibition (international juried)
• Spring All Members Online Exhibition –
• Feb 1 – 11: “If Walls Could Speak” – IONArt Gallery
Mayinart / ARTPODium,Singapore

• Aug 7-11: 32nd Annual National Japanese Exhibition of Nature (National – Juried) Ueno No Mori Art Museum
• July: Group Show – Art Nou Millenni Gallery, Barcelona
• June 7-8: Tokyo International Art Fair (Juried) Belle Salle, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan
• May 25-29: Hartexpo Barcelona – Art Nou Millenni Gallery
• May 14–21: 40th Regional Shinseisaku Group Show – Yokohama Civic Center
• February – April: Abstract-Fully Yours. Art for Charity Group Show. ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel, Kobe, Japan
• January – March: The Healing Power of Art. Online Juried Exhibition. Manhattan Arts International
• November: 49th Annual Genyou-ten Exhibition (National – Juried) Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Ueno – Japan
• September – October: 82nd Annual Shinseisaku Exhibition (National -Juried) National Art Gallery, Tokyo – Japan
• October – December: Our Bond with Nature. Online Juried Exhibition. Healing Power of Art. Manhattan Arts International
• September-October: Spirited Away. Solo Best Living Studios. Tokyo, Japan
• August: Group Show. BMW Gallery. Osaka, Japan
• June to August: HER Story Online Juried Exhibition. Healing Power of Art. Manhattan Arts International
• May: The Bucket List. Solo show. Kitano Alley Gallery. Kobe, Japan
• May – August: Art & Patisserie. Co-exhibitor. Stressed Patisserie. Intercontinental Hotel Osaka
• April: Art for Charity @ Canadian Academy Rokko Island Kobe Japan (Support Food bank Kansai with ACCJ Kansai
• March:
• February: India Art Festival Solo Nehru Centre, Mumbai, India
• November: An Artful Christmas Group Intercontinental Hotel, Osaka, Japan
• October: The Fuji Collection Solo Kitano Alley Gallery, Kobe, Japan
• September: Print Show Group Kitano Alley Gallery, Kobe, Japan
• June: Art For Charity Group Kitano Alley Gallery, Kobe, Japan
• March: Blossom Blast Daily Rotating Easel Solo UltraNew Super Gallery, Harajuku, Japan
• November: International Bazaar Group Show Tokyo American Club, Tokyo, Japan
• October: Indian Icons: Peace, Spirit, Joy Co-Exhibitor DesignFesta Gallery, Harajuku, Japan
• June: ACCJ Charity Event Group Canadian International School, Kobe, Japan


32nd Annual Exhibition of Japanese Nature – Ueno No Mori Museum, Tokyo – National Juried
49th Annual Gen-Youten Exhibition – Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo – National Juried (Special Mention – Kusukabe Paints)
82nd Annual Shinseisaku Exhibition – National Art Gallery, Tokyo – National Juried

About the Artist:
After 20 years in healthcare working across chronic and terminal illnesses, Rajul moved to Asia from the USA in 2012 and took the opportunity to pursue her childhood hobby and passion. She aggressively pursued studies in drawing, oil/acrylic/sumi-e painting and photography and fell in love with painting. Her prior career has given her a deep appreciation for the fragility of the human condition that she addresses in her artwork. Rajul realizes the importance of surrounding oneself with; and sharing energy that positively impacts health and well-being. When she paints, she feels a calming “Joy Spark”. Rajul create “escapes” with abstract paintings that offer meditative layers of color and light.
Additional influences come from her Indian heritage where philosophies relate to the celebration of the human spirit: Transcending in solitude to quiet the mind, lift the soul and ground the self. Her artwork is a blend of Western dynamics and Asian simplicity painting across a variety of medium.
Rajul has been in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Japan, including the Ueno No Mori Art Museum (Royal Art Museum) in Japan, the National Art Gallery in Tokyo, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno, the Intercontinental Hotel In Osaka and the ANA Crowne Plaza hotel in Kobe.
“Water Lillies” has been chosen as part of the 32nd Annual Japanese Exhibition of Nature taking place at the Ueno No Mori Museum in August, 2019. “Earth & Sky” was chosen as part of the 82nd Annual Shinseisaku Exhibition at the National Art Gallery in Tokyo. “Earth & Sky II” and “Grotto of Water Lillies” were chosen as part of the 49th Annual Genyouten Exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art in Ueno; where “Earth and Sky II” also received an honorary award from KusaKabe Paints.
Her works “Twin Journeys”, “The Shack”, “Memories of Hokusai II”, “Memories of Hokusai VI”, “Waters’ Gentle Weave” and “Water Lillies III”have been featured in the online exhibitions presented by Manhattan Arts International New York, New York.
Rajul’s paintings are in private collections in Japan, the USA, India and Australia. Paintings have also been publicly displayed in the corporate offices of Metlife Japan and San Mina Corp. in the Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan.