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Ataraxia: Keep Calm And Keep Going

Ataraxia is a sense of balance and calm, especially in times of uncertainty and crisis. In ancient Greece, Ataraxia was often used to describe the ideal state of mind of a soldier going into battle, through Pyrrho's allegory of going into battle during a storm. This story of Pyrrho on the ship is fitting for modern times too. Now, more than ever, when we are facing a global crisis, with the COVID-19 pandemic having taken the world by storm, we are conscious that humanity as a whole is on a tumultuous journey and we are all soldiers in this war against the pandemic. Art is a direct path to Ataraxia. In this event titled "Ataraxia," MayinArt presents a curated selection of artworks that promises to elevate the energy and beauty of your living and working spaces. There will be 32 artists participating in this exhibition with 62 works on display. Our artists include Nasirun, Sri Pramono, Irwanto Lentho, Januri, AT. Sitompul, Irwan Sukendra, Sriyadi Srinthil, Fery Eka Chandra, Uswarman and more.

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