About us

We are an e-Commerce platform with a noble cause and a bigger purpose.


Art is not a Science; hence it has no empirical formula, it is perceptive. In our years of learning art, we have seen that an artists success is uncertain and luck is a factor that plays a huge role.


Artists are geniuses who have different perceptions, imaginations and preferences in expressing their art. They depict on a canvas their powerlessness to express themselves, leading them to create excellent pieces. These art pieces are often hidden in dark basement of their studios.

The transacted value of an art piece is often not the measurement of its quality or the talent of an artist, but more on how they are showcasing it. No matter how creative the art piece, if they don't know how to present it to the market, it won't sell.


At Mayin, we uncover our artists from the most interior and rural areas, rather than the popular market places and hyped commercial locations, where people are a part of nature. Typical rural areas have a low population density and small settlements. People in such locales are often not gifted with the talent to communicate, but are bestowed by nature immense creativity and vast emotions that are illustrated through their works.

We personally have been to these places and encountered our artists face to face. We listened to them, we understood them and we explained ourselves to them and gained mutual trust. We built a genuine camaraderie with them. As a result, they have entrusted us exclusively with their masterpieces.


Mayinart.com  is a platform that will bring such work out to the open and directly to the consumers and like minded partners. We guarantee that all works are authentic. We promise a transparent and fair value to all our artists. We have created this platform to help our artists and their work reach across the world. This is a platform that gives our artists an opportunity to showcase their work, and gives our consumers excellent, authentic art pieces at reasonable prices. We would like our consumers to have the best pieces on their walls without the extra layers of marketing skin.

We are a platform with a purpose and inspiration for a cause.


Own a piece of genuine and creative art, on your walls and in your heart and help a talented artist... come to Mayinart.com.