If Walls Could Speak

The height of the wall is 15 feet high or 4.5 meter and width is 13 feet or 3.9 meters

We can cut out the dark part then the wall is 10 feet or 3.35 meters

Artwork is 1.80 meter length by 1.45 meter width

This wall we take the white part and it is the same 3.35 meter and width of the wall that we see here is 2.5 meter including the pillar area.

If we take away the pillars then it is 2 meters.

Artwork is 1.07 meter by 1.22 meters.

This is a screen on the wall and the screen is 2 meters wide and height from floor is 2.7 meters

Artwork is 1.4 meters wide and 1.1 meter horizontally.