What is MayinArt?

MayinArt is a Curated Online platform for art. At MayinArt, discover a balanced selection of established and emerging artists from multiple countries. However, we are particularly devoted to uncovering genuine and creative artists from the most interior and remote areas, and bringing to light amazing pieces of art to art aficionados around the world. We aim to gratify seasoned art collectors, established art lovers as well as nascent art patrons.

What is the genesis of MayinArt? Art for All; there is an art lover in every person!

We believe that Art should not be an exclusive prerogative and privilege of the well heeled. Art, like all good things in life, should be accessible to any genuine seeker and we undertake to make that happen while keeping our core values intact.

Vision: We aim to democratize art. Our objective is to remove the impediments to accessibility and purchase of exclusive artworks by providing a safe and uncritical environment to explore art, offering rational pricing, providing access to advisory services and other interactive opportunities. We anticipate to exponentially increase the buyer base and hence the market size for original, exclusive and exceptional art by making it accessible to all.

Mission: At MayinArt, we want to give our artists the best possible platform to present their exquisite artworks and enable them to influence the greatest number of art aficionados possible. For art patrons, we wish to provide an innovative and immersive experience that can kindle their interest in art and inspire them to make the right purchase decisions without having to confront the protocols of walking into a physical gallery.

Current Model: How do we go about our business?

  • We carefully select artists based on their creative interests, style, commitment to art, genre and activity levels. We spend time in understanding their potential and ingenuity.
  • We On-board the selected artists by formal signing of a well-balanced contractual agreement to ensure smooth operations. From here on Artists become our Partners.
  • We do a thorough study to understand the newly onboarded artist and each of his/her art works with regards to their attributes, theme, genre, inspiration, etc. to help build a profile with all relevant information. Many of our artists are unable to do this independently. Hence, we bridge the language and technology gap by handholding them through this process.
  • We have on-the-ground curators to make sure each work is genuine, and truly done by the artist. We certify the authenticity and check the quality before each shipment.
  • We market our works through various social media platforms, planned physical shows and international gallery partners.

Why MayinArt?

  • Authentic and Exclusive – Non-duplicated, original pieces with a guarantee of authenticity from MayinArt.
  • Extensive choice – Visual arts in myriad forms, styles and media based on real on-ground research and scouting carried out by our team.
  • Relevance – Intuitive, easy and guided selection presented to all art patrons by our intelligent platform
  • Visualization - in 2D and 3D spaces to provide an interactive and immersive experience.
  • Well priced – Reasonable pricing and free advisory services to help you make the right choice.
  • Transparency – In transfer of rights of the artwork.


Mutual trust and camaraderie with all stakeholders is what we strive for.

Accountability for our actions, decisions, products and policies as a team is what we acknowledge.

Yield and result oriented business decisions to create a successful franchise is what we work towards.

Integrity in our dealings and interactions with artists, clients and all stakeholders is what we promise.

Need to make art available to all while uplifting the lives of our very talented artists is what drives us.

All prices provided are in U.S. Dollars
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