Abhijit Paul

Born: March 17, 1983

Studies: Govt. College of Art & Craft (Calcutta); B.V.A course of Modeling & Sculpture


  • 2004-2005 the Coveted College Award
  • 2004-2009 Art & Craft (Calcutta)
  • 2005 Orissa Lalit Kala State Exhibition
  • 2008 Ramkingkar Beij Award


  • 2008-2009 73rd All India Fine arts exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts
  • 2009- 2011 74th All India Fine arts exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts
  • 2010 Art 4 you presents exhibition of art workings by hundred artists at ICCR
  • 2010 Town hall of Kolkata present exhibition of painting on contemporary art
  • 2010- 2011 75th All India Fine arts exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts

About Abhijit Paul

Before saying anything about my work, I would like to introduced myself, where I come from and what it is that I do, as it is an essential component in case of my works.

By the relation of my birth I have spent my childhood and youth at Kolkata , specially north Kolkata, seeing urban scape, high and wide buildings, roads ,narrow streets ,temples ,mosques ,rickshaws ,trams. I got the opportunity to watch the work of my father, grandfather, uncle and also the fine work of clay modelers at Kumar Tully since my childhood.

In the nineteenth century, North Kolkata was the city center of Calcutta, the British liked this place and at that time Calcutta was the capital of British India. So without a doubt they made their large buildings, palaces at both sides of the road of urban locality. But the present scenario is different today; those buildings are almost obsolete. They are losing their existence to the new metropolitan. Truly the condition is as such that god gets only place on name plates of new constructions.

I am gradually growing up in this period of transition from the old to the new mega city, where olds are rarely peeping. Therefore these new urban changes have a huge biasing role to my work. Every day I habituate to all these new changes of my city- the dressing ,eating ,living ,talking, etc. so these alterations are now the subject of my work, where color , shape, structure, perception are my point of view. Sometimes they show a mythological part, god, goddess, and sometimes only rapid changes.