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Born in 1981
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About the Artist

Afdhal is an emerging Indonesian artist from Padang, West Sumatra. Nature and the interaction of all environmental and social factors that affect human survival is Afdhal’s central theme and predominant subject of expression. Human relationship with the surrounding environment yields to the reciprocal law. While the perception of each individual in understanding and interpreting the world around distinguishes one person from another, the immediate environment also directly determines the way a person thinks and behaves. Everything is interrelated and follows the laws of cause and effect; Future consequences are inevitably shaped by present actions - we reap what we sow. Afdhal’s works are all figurative and semi-abstract representations of this theory.

Afdhal is inspired by the likes of Anselm Kiefer, the famous German painter and sculptor who addressed the taboos and the controversial issues of the society through his works.

Abstract, Figurative
Acrylic, Canvas
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