Agus Putu Suyadnya

"Art is my way of life and my breath"

Born: Bali 19 February 1985

Studies: Institute of Art Yogyakarta

Works: Kind of painting which talk about the mother earth, including the existence, population of animal and ecosystem, and the disharmony of relationship of human being and the mother earth


  • Singapore Contemporary a World of Art
  • Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Center
  • ·Whart now? Art Exchange gallery, Gallery Prima, Malaysia


  • 2015 UOB Painting of the Year

About the Artist

Agus, a Balinese painter who live in Jogja, already started painting since he was in the high school. He was graduated from Institute of Art in Jogja. He has ever joined several exhibitions in Indonesia and also in Gallery Prima in Malaysia and in Suntec Singapore Convention &Exhibition Center.

By doing artworks, he can express all the worries in this life; painting is the spiritual media for him to put all kinds of idea and worries that have been being processed the contemplation in the painting and art installation. My purpose to paint is to give new reflection for the audience.

Mother earth and animal inspire Agus much

Need to Know:

  • Agus is a leader of Sanggar Dewata Indonesia, a Balinese painter community in Jogja.