Ahmad Alwi
Ahmad Alwi
Born in 1982

“When painting I never think about the style and characteristics of my works. All I do is paint with all my heart for the best results.”

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965 USD
1,320 SGD
150cm x 120cm
2,890 USD
3,954 SGD
Beautiful and Challenging
Only in December
120cm x 100cm
2,600 USD
3,557 SGD
Vertical Harmony
115cm x 75cm
1,925 USD
2,633 SGD
Little Family
150cm x 120cm
2,890 USD
3,954 SGD
100cm x 90cm
2,505 USD
3,427 SGD
New Life
100cm x 120cm
2,890 USD
3,954 SGD
Night Dweller
47cm x 50cm
580 USD
793 SGD
Dream Doll
50cm x 50cm
770 USD
1,053 SGD
Blossom #1
70cm x 60cm
965 USD
1,320 SGD
Art Pandemic
130cm x 100cm
2,890 USD
3,954 SGD
Art in Society
80cm x 100cm
530 USD
725 SGD
About the Artist

Ahmad Alwi is an emerging figurative abstract artist from Yogyakarta. He considers the process of creating the purest form of expression. He does not pre plan on the style and characteristics of his works. He paintings are unpretentious articulations to pursue his inner satisfaction. All his works have a juxtaposition of neutral colours that creates a sense of veil and mystery; and pop colours that add cheer and hope keeping the narrative balanced.He is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, and admires him for being this multitalented artist and a genius who was an expert in a multitude of fields such as mathematics, engineering and architecture.

Abstract figurative, impressionism
Acrylic on canvas
  1. "Discover the Undiscover", MayinArt Show,American Club Singapore

  2. Nandur Srawung #7 “Wiwitan” Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

  3. “Garden Party #3” Kembang Jati Art House

  4. “Pasar Rela” Omah Petruk, Yogyakarta

  5. “LUAR BATAS” Kembang Jati Art House, Yogyakarta

  6. “KOSEN” Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta

  7. “INTIM” Kembang Jati Art House, Yogyakarta

  8. “Kridaro’ Omah Petruk

  9. “Garden Party” Kembang Jati Art House, Yogyakarta

  10. “Alumni SMSR” Galery SMSR, Yogyakarta

  11. “Nandur Srawung” Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

  12. Pararel Event “Artjog” Kembang Jati Art House, Yogyakarta

  13. Kridaro Group “One Day” Hotel Inna Garuda, Yogyakarta

  14. “Nandur Srawung” Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

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