AT Sitompul
Born in 1977
Art gives form and value to my creativity
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      About the Artist
      AT Sitompul is an Indonesian Op artist. Sitompul's imagery swells and vibrates to create an optical illusion. He creates a 'matrix effect’ with a combination of language elements like cuneiform and braille, stark parallel lines, repetitive geometric patterns and open color fields. Sitompul’s inspiration comes from legendary Optical artists Victor Vasarely, Bridget Riley and Jesus Rafael Soto. He adeptly creates dynamic visuals interspersed with static abstraction. It is sheer visual harmony to see the patterns of lines, strokes and language elements all come together to form a beautiful piece of art. The intricate mysteries of his works can draw in the viewer and provide a start to a story for them to complete. Three-time finalist of the UOB Painting of the year competition, Sitompul participates in many art exhibitions in Indonesia and overseas.
      Acrylic, Canvas, Oil, Rugs
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