Bawep Kapalatama

“Artworks have to lend themselves to soul seeking - for the creator and the audience"

Born: Bantul Yogyakarta, 18th April 1989

• Indonesian Institute of Art Yogyakarta
• Residence at Padepokan Bagong Kussudiardjan Yogyakarta

Style: Abstract

Medium: Natural homemade dyes and Acrylic on Canvas

About the Artist:
Bawep is an emerging Indonesian artist. He hails from a small town that has been the epicentre of earthquakes in the past. Nevertheless, he has a positive and modern outlook. His zest for life and eagerness to explore new ideas makes him a very experimental artist. He is versatile in his craft and explores various media such as pen, crayon, acrylic, oil-based tints, wax etc. that he applies on paper, cloth, canvas and wood. He can create artefacts from most materials; producing saving boxes, bags, woodcarvings, books from recycled paper etc. He is formally trained in traditional Indonesian batik work using the wax-resist technique, Influences of which can be seen in his contemporary paintings as well. His paintings, although abstract are still connected to real objects since his pivotal themes are narratives based on reality.

Fun Facts:
• Bawep creates natural dyes for his works from special plants that release distinctive colors, which he grows in his garden
• Bawep is popular for his found object art installations and live sketching

2014 Installations SUJI, Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiardja Yogyakarta
2013 Gedung Indonesia menggugat, Bandung
2012 Berkata wanita, Galeri Surabaya
2010 Jogja gumregah Jogja bangkit, Jogja Nasional Museum Yogyakarta
2011 Exhibition with age-group 08 intuisi in Jogja nasional museum Yogyakarta
2009 Exhibition of sketches in the alley of fine arts, Indonesian Institute of Art Yogyakarta