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Bayu Asmoro
Born in 1992
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      About the Artist
      Bayu Asmoro is a young Indonesian artist who continues to explore various styles ranging from surreal to expressive, combining contradictory elements in nature –chaos and order, all of which move towards a harmony in every stroke, color and shape in his works. Born in 1992 in East Java, Indonesia, Bayu grew up in an artistic family, with a father who was a puppeteer and a mother who was a dancer. His childhood memories of stories, visualization of wayang puppets, musical instruments, and harmonious dance movements have formed his passion for art. Inspired by Hieronymus Bosch, Bayu explores human objects with unique deformations, then there are modern artists who also provide inspiration such as Ghenie, Titus Kaphar, AnselmKiefler, V. Van Gogh, Edward Munch, Valerie Hegarty who give an expressive touch to Bayu's works.
      Abstract, Impressionism, Realism
      Acrylic, Canvas
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