Billy Mork
Born in 1954
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      About the Artist
      Billy Mork is an accomplished Architect, Fine art photographer, Interior designer and Art exhibition curator from Singapore. Billy’s works are not just visual appeals. He likes to add depth to the images and create a relationship between the subject and the environment. Therefore multiple-exposures, overlapping frames and in-camera collage technique are often applied to his photography work. Billy recounts that, the motion picture film of today represents the pinnacle of color film technology, characterized by a distinctive, luminous richness of both palette and tonality. Alternatively, Black and White and motion picture film has changed very little since the 1950s and retains a particular look many of its users describe as a classic, silver-rich “vintage” feel that is unduplicated in available still films on the market today. All art comes back to a kind of storytelling… today we use the art gallery to tell ourselves the stories we think are important to hear. It is that same flexible film that allows us to tell stories in either a single frame, or many. In the last decade, Billy has excelled as an Architectural Photographer, Architectural Design and Interior Design Consultant, doing projects in Singapore / Taiwan / China / HongKong Billy Mork is the Founder and art curator of Immagini Gallery, specialising in black and white fine art photography and printing. Currently, he is an associate partner and executive chief curator of The Canvas Gallery. Contact: +65 9642 5424 / email: [email protected] or [email protected]
      Analogue, Digital, Figuritive
      Analogue, Black & White, Canvas, Digital, Print, Silver Gelatin
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