Choerudin Roadyn
Choerudin Roadyn
Born in 1978

“Art for me is a need that must be fulfilled”

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Move On Move On
Move On
100cm x 120cm
Auto Suggestion
120cm x 100cm
About the Artist

Choerudin Roadyn is an emerging artist from Indonesia. His works are marked by the use of circles, which has earned him the nickname Choerudin 'circle'. Largely based on abstract realism, he combines various elements like circles, symbols and other abstract objects to distort the real object, producing unique surrealist, impressionist and expressionist works. He predominantly works on canvas but is highly experimental with his painting techniques creating special accents from brush strokes and paint melting techniques. Choerudin has also worked extensively with other media such as embroidery on canvas, 3D works with fiberglass and so on. 

Abstract Realism, Surrealism
Acrylic on canvas
  1. The Best Book Illustrator of “Maestro Seni Rupa Modern Indonesia”

  2. The Best Artwork of Pratisa Affandi Award

  3. The Best Artwork on Young Painter Competition “Bang Wetan”

  4. The Winner of three cities graffiti (Mojokerto-Jombang-Kediri)

  5. The Best Painting FSR ISI Yogyakarta

  1. “ The Circle” Tembi Rumah Budaya Yogyakarta

  1. “Mini Seksi #2”, Ruang Dalam Art Huose, Yogyakarta

  2. “DuWow”, Liquid Colour Community and Tenggara Art Community, Jogja Gallery Yogyakarta

  3. “ The Happiness In Pandemic” Yogyakarta International Airport, Yogyakarta

  4. “Yogya Annual Art #4”, Sangkring Yogyakarta

  5. “ Power of Jawa”, Liquid Colour Community, Bentara Budaya Jakarta

  6. “Positioning” YAA#3, Bale Banjar Sangkring, Yogyakarta

  7. “Konco Kenthel” SMSR Gallery, Yogyakarta

  8. “Warisan”, Liquid Colour Community, Omah Petroek Gallery, Yogyakarta

  9. “Pandji” PBSR, Rumah Walikota Batu, East Java

  10. “Batu Bertutur” Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta

  11. “Tari“ Hadiprana Gallery, Kemang, Jakarta

  12. “Other Side”, Liquid Colour Community, Limanjawi Art House Magelang

  13. “Forever Playfull,” Hadiprana Gallery, Jakarta

  14. “Equator Art Project” Langgeng Art Space, Yogyakarta

  15. “ 30 PAS “ Saung Banon Art, Yogyakarta

  16. Liquid Colour Community Art Exhibition, Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta

  17. “Re-Born” Bang Wetan Gallery, Surabaya

  18. “IlangeSemar” Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta

  19. “Estrellas, Art Nov” The Brezze, BSD Tangerang

  20. “Colour of Life“ Koi Kafe Gallery, Jakarta

  21. “Harvest, Our Love to Nature”, Hadiprana Gallery, Kemang Jakarta

  22. “May [so]”, Liquid Colour Community, Lorong Gallery, Yogyakarta

  23. “Mandiri Art Charity, Mandiri Sahabat Negeri,” Graha Bimasena, Jakarta

  24. “Asyikpelago” Balai Budaya Jakarta

  25. “Cartography of Painting,” Alberth Gallery, Serpong Jakarta

  26. “Realistic” Tahunmas Artroom, Yogyakarta

  27. “Kolam Susu“ Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta

  28. “The Circle “ Tembi Cultural House, Yogyakarta

  29. “Pertemuan Peralihan Musim “ Lamongan Plaza, Lamongan, East Java

  30. “Gama Art “ Dies Natalis UGM Ke-66, PKKH UGM Yogyakarta

  31. “Mini Size” Tirana Art Space Yogyakarta

  32. “PagarPiring” BentaraBudaya Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta

  33. “Celebration of New Hope” Hadiprana Gallery, Jakarta

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