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Dedy Suherdi
Born in 1966
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      About the Artist
      Dedy Suherdi is a sellf-taught Indonesian realism-expressionism artist with various talents, who refuses to be classified and bound to just one art style. He explores various styles from hyper-realism to realistic expressionism, and various media such as arches paper, matboard, drywall and so on. His works are often unplanned and truly a free flow of expressions straight from the depths of his heart and mind. Inspired by Vincent Desiderio, an American realist painter, who contrasted classical and modern styles, Dedy feels comfortable integrating various painting techniques. For him, techniques in art are no longer a goal, but a means of converting abstract concepts in the artist's mind into something tangible. The themes in Dedy's artwork initially copied forms in nature, then shifted to reflecting on social issues that occur around us. His works are observations of the values of life which sometimes conflict with how they appear to be, and a constant search for beauty in every problem or phase of life.
      Abstract, Realism, Surrealism
      Acrylic, Board, Ink, Paper, Pencil, Watercolour
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