Don Bosco Laskar Betelgusa

Don Bosco Laskar Betelgusa

Born in 1998

“Art is a process of exploration and creation, a projection of life and a hope for a better one.”

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About the Artist

Don Bosco Laskar is a young Pop artist from Indonesia. His themes centre around nature and animals, and their relationship with humans. Although he is concerned about environmental issues, he sees life positively, which is evident in his works. There is a touch of rural life illustrated in most of his works, reminding us of the probable simplicity of life, access to happiness from the mundane and the possibilities of natural harmony with nature that can make life beautiful.

Pop art
Acrylic, mixed media on canvas
    • - 5th Place of Peksimikam Competition 2020 ISI, Yogyakarta

    • - 4th Place Peksimida Competition 2018, UKDW, Yogyakarta

    • - JICAF Art Collaboration, Yogyakarta
    • - ”Trending Topic” Art Exhibition and Charity, Yogyakarta
    • - ”Kelola Art Fest #5” Rj Katamsi ISI, Yogyakarta
    • - ”Wake Up!” Art Exhibition FSR ISI, Yogyakarta
    • - Online Art Exhibition “Archetype”, Yogyakarta
    • - Art Exhibition and charity “Archa Project”, Yogyakarta
    • - Online Art Exhibition on 200.artgallery
    • - “THIS IS NOT AN EXIBITION” at Poison Dealer
    • - SEMBARI Art Exhibition, Poison Dealer

    • - “Sewon Calling” Art Exhibition, Yogyakarta
    • - “WORLD ANIMAL DAY” Art Exhibition, Veterinary Faculty, UGM, Yogyakarta
    • - Yogya Annual Art #4 at Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta
    • - “Incumbent” Art Exhibition
    • - “Posopo” Art Exhibition at Bjong Ngopi, Yogyakarta
    • - “Pusara Samsara” Art Exhibition, Jogja Natinal Museum

    • - DELAYOTA ART #13 Art Exhibition, Jogja National Museum
    • - "There is Hope" Art Exhibition IKASSRI#2, Pendhapa Art Space, Yogyakarta
    • - SMAN 10 YK "BICARA #2" Art Exhibition, TBY, Yogyakarta
    • - Peksimida Art Exhibition 2018, UKDW, Yogyakarta
    • - "Zegarrr Art Exhibition", Fadjar Sidik Gallery, Yogyakarta
    • - "To be Known" Art Exhibition, Indies Heritage Hotel
    • - “Wiswakharman Expo 2018" Art Exhibition UGM, Yogyakarta
    • - “Square Foot Show” Art Exhibition, Glenview, Ilinois, USA

    • - YOUNG ARTIST PARADE" Art Exhibition, Hartono Mall, Yogyakarta
    • - "Nandur Srawung #4" Art Exhibition, TBY, Yogyakarta
    • - “Satu,Satu Kesatuan” Art Exhibition, Fine Art Faculty, ISI Yogyakarta
    • - "NOSTALGIA" Art Exhibition, Fadjar Sidik Gallery, Yogyakarta

    • - SMSR 2016 "JERIJIRING WASIH" Art Exhibition

    • - "EKSPRESI" Art Exhibition, SMSR Jogja Galery

    • - "GLORY, MY COUNTRY, GLORY!" Art Exhibition, SMSR Jogja Galery

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