Doni Kabo

Born: Banjarmasin, 10 November 1980

Studies: ISI Institute of Art Yogyakarta and Technology Institute Bandung

Works: Graphic Art


  • Artesan Gallery Singapore
  • Sixty Million Postcards Gallery
  • Bournemouth, England
  • National Galery Bangladesh Dakha


  • 2003 Longest mural in Paramadina University Jakarta

About the Artist:

The inspiration of Doni Kabo comes from his relatives and also Ugo Untoro, one of the high end artist in Indonesia and Yogyakarta. Kabo does not have any family member, who was also a painter, but his grandfather was a traditional architect, his father was a civil engineer and his mom is a musician. And yet, Kabo’s wife is also a music player who most encourage him much in art

Many of kabo’s works are built in the form of collages (paper, etc.) mixed with other tools on canvas. Kabo does not have specialization on one specific genre. He mostly conceptualizes his painting as a social critic and as a visualization of daily life social realism.

Need to Know:

  • One of the most memorable experience for Doni Kabo was when he had chance to be an art teacher for dropout fisherman children in Kepulauan Riau for a year in 2005.