Eddy Sugiono Swadie

Born: 21st June 1970

Education: Hotel and tourism academy, Nusa Dua Bali

Work: Edi Sugiono specialize in art deco painting that visualize the beauty of nature, animal and human issues


  • 1997 Westour hotel and travel company Seattle USA and Wandermunde German


  • Best Indonesian talent in art painting competition in west tour company Seattle USA
  • Best Indonesian talent for staff art painting competition in west tour company Seattle Washington

About the Artist:

Edi usually paint the beauty of creatures in the world, such as horse, women etc . The inspiration of edi is usually comes from his energy dream

This painter is a productive pop art painter who paints with various style and theme. His choice of colors is mostly bright. Often his works uses 5 and 7 objects which represent many points in life such as 5 prayer time of Muslims, 7 days, 7 heaven and many else. Mostly all his works represent his experience, enlightenment and reflections in life.