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Ekwan Marianto
Born in 1977
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About the Artist

Ekwan Marianto is an Indonesian Pop artist. Colourful and imaginative, innocent and free-spirited, the main theme of Ekwan's work is the world of children. Inspired by Pablo Picasso and also Widayat, an Indonesian painter from the 1950s, Ekwan presents entertaining and refreshing artworks, while inviting the audience to reflect on social issues at the same time.

Beyond their childlike and innocent looks, the works by Ekwan are the result of his lifetime observations and responses to social phenomena, expressing his thoughts, dreams, and life experiences. Through his bold colors of animal and human figures, he finds a way to criticise how many of us lose our childish souls while growing up, imprisoned by social norms and pressures.

Just like children with their inquisitive, honest and spontaneous nature, Ekwan continues to engage in dialogue with his consciousness to grasp the meaning of life on a daily basis with an open and broad perspective.

Contemporary, Pop Art
Acrylic, Canvas
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