Erik Rifky Prayudhi
Born in 1992
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      About the Artist
      Erik Rifky Prayudhi is a young artist from Bandung, Indonesia, with a strong character in contemporary art. He takes the themes of industrialization which brought contradiction to the pace of civilization and the destruction of nature, which he expressed into works of art that explore various media such as acrylic panels, iron plates and so on. Growing up in an arty family, with a father who was a textile designer and gave a painting courses at home, Erik was accustomed to holding pencils and brushes from childhood. Initially it was a hobby which later developed into a profession. The works of Indonesian artist Eko Nugroho and American artist Keith Haring have inspired Erik to portray the anxiety of modern humans and urban issues in his artworks.
      Contemporary, Pop Art
      Acrylic Panel, Enamel
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