Erwin Baharudin

"Art is my way of lif , art is the way to express my feeling."

Born: Solo, 27 December 1974

Studies: Institute of Art Yogyakarta

Works: Erwin specializes in sketching. He mostly paints figures expression with charcoal on paper.


  • 2002 Both in 2002, Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta
  • 2009 Family edition, Gallery 678 Jakarta
  • 2011 Green box, Gallery 678 Jakarta
  • 2013 Sepanjang Jogja- Klaten- Solo, Balai Sujatmoko Surakarta
  • 2014 The golden age, Lokananta Surakarta

About the Artist

Erwin, a painter who live in Solo, already started painting since he was in the primary school. He ever joined Institute of Art Yogyakarta for only 1 semester, but he then did not finish it. He has ever joined several exhibitions in Indonesia

By doing artworks, he can express all the worries in this life; painting is the spiritual media for him to put all kinds of idea and worries that have been being processed the contemplation in the painting. Erwin paint to heal his burden and anxious feeling.

Need to Know:

  • Besides painting, Erwin also develop a batik shop in Solo.