Farid Sikumbang

“Painting makes my life meaningful. It enlightens, strengthens and comforts me.”

Born: Bukit Tinggi, 12th September 1980

Education: Art School, Padang

Style: Abstract

Medium: Acrylic on canvas, pencil and soft pastel on canvas

About the Artist:
For Farid, painting is his calling. His art is a rendition of his instinct and perception. His style is unique with landscape perspectives represented as overlapping layers of shapes, lines and dominant bright colors. Farid is inspired by the busy and chaotic urban landscapes with its magnificient skyscrappers and bustling lifestyle. His inspiration combined with his creative vantage point and imagination is abstracted frame after frame to produce beautiful artworks.

Fun Fact:
Farid is an avid clothing designer as well.

• (I)Lalang Exhibition, Thee Huis Bandung
• Fine Art Exhibition“Ruang Publik Omah Munir”, National Library, Jakarta
• “EMOTICONE”, Albert Gallery, Alam Sutra, Tanggerang.

• “Eksistensi”, BalaiBudayaJakarta
• “Serenata”, The rock in Cannington, West Australia

2017 “14 Selections [email protected]” FatahillahGallery, Jakarta
2016 “MOVE ART #2” Tahunmas Art Room, Yogyakarta
2015 “Sosial dan Lingkungan Hidup”, BalaiBudaya Jakarta
2014 “JAVANESIA ART #2”, Julia Niland Gallery, Jakarta
• “Pour les Enfants de la Rue”, KOI, Jakarta
• “Be The Light”, House of the Light, Jakarta

• “Nasional(ist) ”, Museum Bank Mandiri, Jakarta
• “Anniversary Expressions”, Philo Art Space, Jakarta

2011 “Volume”, Tembi Rumah Budaya, Yogyakarta

• “Here, There & Everywhere”, Gallery Ars Longa, Jakarta
• “A(rt) Hello 2010”Water Blaster Graha Candi Golf, Semarang
2009 “Urban Magnet” Philo Art Spac, Jakarta
2008 “Hold Position”, Gallery Millenium, Jakarta