Fery Eka Chandra

Fery Eka Chandra

Born in 1978

“Art is the hidden soul of freedom and beauty that is visualized on a canvas or other media”

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About the Artist

Fery is an established artist from Indonesia who has a clear tendency towards geometric abstraction. His artworks are characterized by repetitions of patterns, lines, beams and other shapes. With his pictorial language, he explores a deep and meditative space in us. Fery has a calm personality that is perfectly captured in his artworks. Geometric abstraction provides him a symbolic language to spread a zen mindset. He wants his art aficionados to experience a spiritual journey to find peace and beauty within, amidst the chaotic and turbulent world around us. 

Fery uses different techniques to create art. He works with acrylic or oil based colors. He experiments with rug, wool and other materials to give textures and dimensions. All of his paintings are mesmerizing and magnetizing, offering a contemplative experience to reflect back on our own lives. A great choice to create a serene ambience at your home or office.

His paintings have received appreciation in various exhibitions in Indonesia and art shows overseas in Seoul, Hongkong, Singapore, China and Thailand.

Acrylic on Canvas
    • - ‘TOP 5’ Asean Art Award’, National Museum Bangkok, Thailand

    • - ‘TOP 5’ Asean Art Awards, Jakarta, Indonesia
    • - ‘Interpelation’, CP Open Biennale, National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
    • - ‘Indofood art Awards II’, National Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia
    • - ‘Vivante Gallery, Medan, Indonesia

    • - "Discover the Undiscover", MayinArt Show,American Club Singapore

    • - "Ataraxia", MayinArt Show, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta

    • - ‘If Walls Could Speak’, ION Art Gallery, Singapore

    • - ‘Menjadi Indonesia’ , Talenta Organizer, Function Hall, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta

    • - Bakaba #5 “CadiakIndakMambuangPandai” #Sakato Art Community, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta

    • - ‘ASYAAF (Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival), #Gallery LVS, Seoul, South Korea
    • - ‘Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hong Kong

    • - Singapore Art Fair 2008, Asian Contemporary Art, Sun City, Singapore

    • - ‘Inspiring Indonesia Contemporary Art’, Shanghai, China

    • - ‘The GATE: PRE-DISCOURSE’, Hu Bei Art Collage in Wu Han, China
    • - ‘Indonesia Asean Art Award’, National Museum Bangkok, Thailand

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