Giring prihatyaso
Giring prihatyaso
Born in 1980
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Upside Down World
85cm x 175cm
2,410 USD
3,297 SGD
Kiss Me
120cm x 150cm
2,410 USD
3,297 SGD
A Love Poetry, Rhymeless Verse
Mahatma Gandhi
140cm x 100cm
2,410 USD
3,297 SGD
100cm x 150cm
2,410 USD
3,297 SGD
About the Artist

Giring is an established artist from Indonesia who dabbles with various styles such as abstract, figurative, realism and so on.His artworks have a signature use of texts, symbols, detailed textures and strokes that come together to give life to realistic portraits and other illustrations. His works make for richinterpretations and meanings even while they portray familiar concepts or mundane themes. Besides canvas, Giring often usesaluminum as a medium, creating artworks employing etching techniques.

Canvas, Alumunium
  1. Finalist of “UOB Painting of the year 2014”

  2. Finalist of Taipei International Art Competition, Taiwan

  3. Finalist of3G SuaraMerdeka Daily News Competition, Contemporary Art Gallery Semarang

  4. Finalist of Jakarta Art Award

  5. Finalist of “100 thKebangkitanNasional Setelah 20 Mei”, Jogja Gallery

  1. “INSTALASI TEKS”, Nala RoepaArtspace,Yogyakarta

  1. “NEW WORLD”, Limanjawi Art House, Magelang, Indonesia

  2. LabX Gallery, Jakarta

  3. “ARTANTIKA,” ICEBSD, Jakarta


  5. "Kepak-kepak Sayap",TamanBudaya Yogyakarta

  6. "APERI", JogjaExpo Center, Yogyakarta

  7. "Meeting Point" RumahJawa Gallery, Jakarta

  8. “Bless of Universal”, LimanJawi Art House,Magelang, Indonesia

  9. “IN MATRIAL,”RuangDalam Art House

  10. “NIAT, Yogya Annual Art#1,BaleBanjarSangkring, Yogyakarta

  11. “Move Art#1,”Tahun Mas Gallery, Yogyakarta

  12. “PemandangandanAlam Benda,” Museum da TanahLiat, Yogyakarta

  13. Mandiri Art Charity, Jakarta

  14. “Art Vest Attack#2,”TamanBudaya Yogyakarta

  15. “Real Life” LimanJawi Art House,Maagelang, Indonesia

  16. “Resound”, Pawon Art Space, Magelang, Indonesia

  17. “A(rt)vesAttack”, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

  18. “NandurSrawung”, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

  19. “Celebration of a new Hope”, Hadiprana Gallery, Jakarta

  20. “AnugerahAdi RupaCitarayaEcoculture”, Ciputra, Jakarta

  21. ”50-50”, Nallaroepa, Yogyakarta

  22. “UOB Painting of the Year 2014”, Jakarta

  23. Denting#8, “4 Sehat 5 sempurna”, Kersan Art Studio, Yogyakarta

  24. Denting#7, “Banal Jogja”,Tirana Art house, Yogyakarta

  25. “Silaturahmi#2”, BentaraBudaya Jakarta

  26. “Meta-Amuk”, GaleriNasional Indonesia

  27. “SukaPariSuka”, Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta

  28. Festival SeniMelayu Asia Tenggara, Gedung Bung Hatta, Bukittinggi

  29. “KaryaUntukKawan #4,”GaleriNasional Indonesia

  30. “Silaturahmi”, BentaraBudaya Yogyakarta

  31. ArtJog12, “Looking East”, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

  32. Denting#5 “Sirami Tanami”, BentaraBudaya Yogyakarta

  33. Grand Opening IRIS Gallery, “Ana Rupa” ,Yogyakarta

  34. “Local Diversity”, Museum Borobudur, Magelang, Indonesia

  35. “NegeriPelangi” ,Jogja Village In

  36. “Go Block”, Girang Gallery, Yogyakarta

  37. “ImajiOrnamen”, GaleriNasional Indonesia

  38. “BeritaCuaca”Sangkring Art Project, Yogyakarta

  39. TaipeiInternationalArtCompetition,X-Power Gallery, Taiwan

  40. ACTION”01, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

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