Hananta Nur
Born in 1980
Art is therapy, art is prayer for life.
About the Artist
Hananta Nur is an Indonesian batik artist. Following in his brother's footsteps, Hananta also attended the prestigious Indonesia Institute of Arts in Yogyakarta, pursuing a degree in textile art. While Hananta was formally trained in the traditional batik art style, he found it limiting and sought to expand his horizons by incorporating abstract art into batik. Hananta is spontaneous and expressive in his creations. Alongside batik art, Hananta creates acrylic paintings as well. He predominantly uses a white background, superimposed with simple abstract compositions . He finds it the easiest to express himself in white, using it as a reflective surface to highlight the bright colours he overlays on the canvas. Hananta's works are dynamic and leave the audience with mysteries to solve.
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