Hemangini Maharaul
Hemangini Maharaul
Born in 1990

I believe in the power of art as a vehicle to raise awareness on issues that affect our lives 

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180cm x 90cm
1,815 USD
2,483 SGD
183cm x 104cm
1,815 USD
2,483 SGD
Window Seat
180cm x 180cm
2,540 USD
3,475 SGD
Eye in the Sky
Eye in the Sky
62cm x 62cm
At First Sight
183cm x 91cm
1,090 USD
1,491 SGD
180cm x 180cm
2,540 USD
3,475 SGD
Under the Pines
62cm x 62cm
1,090 USD
1,491 SGD
Pulsating Body
30cm x 42cm
365 USD
499 SGD
The Range
42cm x 30cm
545 USD
746 SGD
A Mountain she is
Beyond Beyond
88cm x 78cm
Uncertain, Sacred and Living
9,040 USD
12,367 SGD
137cm x 91cm
91cm x 30cm
1,270 USD
1,737 SGD
61cm x 61cm
2,745 USD
3,755 SGD
About the Artist

Hemangini Maharaul is a contemporary artist from India. Her journey began as an expressionist, highlighting various social contexts such as discrimination against women, power equations in society, politics of life and so on. She often portrayed the hierarchy of people categorised based on their gender and class as a social commentary. 

However, In the last few years, she felt the need to inspire change that was desperately needed in order to protect our planet. She believes in protecting what she loves and having spent most of her formative years in the most dense and verdant regions of India and Malawi, she truely values the importance of preserving our nature. The ever rising concern about climate change and the evident deterioration of the environment has kindered her artistic core and urged her to draw our attention to these concerns through her work. However, being the positive person she is, she decided to emphasise on the beauty of nature rather than its misery, encouraging and inspiring the audience to conserve what we have.

Her work is a smorgasbord of contemporary perspectives, layered psychedelia and vivid colours. Most of her work uses ultraviolet effects to highlight the subject. She also upcycles materials for installations that highlight the mantra 'recycle, reduce, reuse, upcycle'. 


Contemporary, Abstract, Expressionist
Acrylic on Canvas, Mixed Media on Canvas, Fabric Collage on Canvas
  1. ‘Progressive,’ XU, Leela Palace, Bangalore.

  2. Amanora Mall.

  1. ‘Dragonfly’ Stage, Echoes of Earth Festival, Bangalore.

  2. ‘Dragonfly’ Installation, Echoes of Earth Festival, Bangalore.

  3. ‘Lake of stars,’ Malawi.

  4. ‘Game of Life,’ Pune Golf Course, Pune.

  5. ‘Game of Life,’ Ark Gallery, Pune

  6. Final Graduate Show, The Westin, 2012.

  7. Final Graduate Show, The Westin, 2012.

  8. Final Graduate Show, Ishanya.

  9. Art exhibit, High Spirits.

  10. IB Visual Arts Exhibition, Baroda.

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