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Humera Ali
Born in 1984
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      About the Artist

      Humera unleashes the present day and future environmental quintessence in her paintings. As a passionate conservationist of nature, she felt a strong yearning to voice her demur against its destruction and did so through her works. Urbanization has unabashedly led to plundering of nature and its resources. She envisions earth without its foliage in her artworks. The barrenness that would be sported by earth post deprivation of its flora and fauna is what she hopes to present as a wake up call to her patrons.

      Humera's works are typically in vivid colors with bold brush strokes. All her works are theme based and ranges from cubism, pointillism to knife art. She also specializes in spray paint and mix media art which gives her art a totally different dimension.

      Fun Fact: She provides art therapy sessions for children who are experiencing traumatic health conditions. This is in association with Team RANG which is a CSR project of Aster CMI.

      Abstract, Impressionism
      Acrylic, Canvas
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