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I Kadek Didin Junaedi
Born in 1998
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      About the Artist
      I Kadek Didin Junaedi (Didin Jirot) is an Indonesian contemporary installation/sculpture artist. His works are based on daily observations which are juxtaposed with Balinese traditional concepts and presented as contemporary imagery. The themes and concepts of his work are inspired by the offerings used by the Balinese people as a prayer to express gratitude to the higher powers. He uses the context of spirituality, as a medium to convey messages of life through metaphors. In this he effectively captures the actualization of human thoughts, desires, and feelings. Didin takes inspiration from John Chamberlain, an American sculpture artist. For his latest series, he assembles dented old stainless steel plates in three-dimensional forms, as if to summarize a history. Here he fabricates shapes that capture the essence of Balinese offerings, through the process of folding and cutting; while maintaining and expressive and abstractive core. He then paints the structure to complete the process. In his previous series, Didin worked with fiber glass media creating simple shapes resembling balloons which was inspired by Jeff Koons.
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