I Made Sutarjaya

"Art is the way to documentize the beauty that I see. Art is also the way to preserve culture"

Born: Bantas, 3 July 1978 

Studies: Art Senior High School Denpasar Bali  

Works: I Made Sutarjaya specializes on painting of the beauty of Bali dancers and Barong (a lion-like creature, a character  in mythology of Bali who is the king of spirits, leader of host of goods, the demon queen and mother of all spirits guarders in the mythological traditions of Bali)

By visualizing the balinese dancer on his painting, he want to preserve and also promote the culture of Bali to the world.


  • 2017 Gold Jubileum SMSR, Art High School Exhibition, Batu Bulan Bali
  • 2005 PKB Art Centre Exhibition, Denpasar Bali 
  • 1997 Final exam exhibition, SMSR  Art High School Exhibition, Denpasar Bali


  • 1997 Finalist in the Giving New Value and Concept in Painting, Cultural and Education Board of Bali Province
  • 1993 Painting Competition Award, Udayana University , Bali
  • 1997 Craft and Painting Competition Award, Cultural and Education Board of Yogyakarta

About The Artist:

Hours from the I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport of Bali, deep into the lush green rice terraces, lives this native Balinese artist, I Made Sutarjaya. Born and raised in Tabanan, Bali. He lives with his father and his sister. He is the second child of the family. In Balinese tradition, 'I' means a man and 'Made' means the second child.

Made, who always had a love for art as a child, started his formal painting lessons when he was in grade 10 when he joined a vocational high School in 1994. To make ends meet, Made started selling his paintings locally from 1997, this was to cover his school fees and support his family. Once he graduated, Made went to Sukowati, the art craft center in Bali to work and learn.

Most of his creative ideas and the story lines of his work come from his childhood memories and daily life in Bali. Especially from his frequent visits to the temples and from watching the old traditional Balinese dance forms, such as Barong Dance, Legong Dance etc. 

He is an expressionist painter, and his style evolved from his love to paint on the floor to get more accidental effect that helps him express. He has his unique style that revolves around the dance forms and traditions of Balinese culture. His favourite painter is Antonio Blanco.

For the first time, I Made is making his work available Online, to curators and lovers of art outside Indonesia, through Mayin.