Irwan Guntarto

Born: Java, 12 January 1978

Studies: Institute of Arts in Yogyakarta

Works: Irwan does contemporary painting, he specializes in painting that visualizes his concern on social and political issues in the country.


  • 2009 Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
  • 2009 TRITURA Exhibition, ARS LONGA Yogyakarta
  • 2010 Migrant Labor group exhibition, Galangan VOC, Jakarta
  • 2011 Galeri Biasa, Yogyakarta

About the Artist:

Irwan Gurtanto is a contemporary surreal painter based in Yogyakarta. He has graduated from the Institute of Arts Yogyakarta. He started painting since 1997 when he was in Art Senior High School. He mostly paints about social phenomenon, especially social gap in daily life. He is inspired by Jumaldi Alfi (a distinguished painter in Yogyakarta) and also Vincent van Gogh.

Need to Know:

  • Irwan concern on political and social issues in the country. He support Mygrant labor groups in Yogyakarta by joining some collective exhibition. He also did art performance such as “Writing the letter to the corruptors” in Malioboro street, Yogyakarta.