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Kadek Marta Dwipayana
Born in 1991
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About the Artist

Kadek Marta Dwipayana is an artist from Bali with a unique figurative abstract style. Kadek started his artistic carrier drawing facial sketches and exploring the various elements of painting, from tools, materials and techniques. His latest works have been a culmination of these efforts - Figurative Abstracts created by merging spontaneously formed strokes with a creative representation of the human body's plasticity. According to Kadek, this juxtaposition stimulates certain positive sensations and sentiments.

His works attract curiosity; His paintings give a real but unimaginable impression that is typical of surrealism as well. His works are unplanned, and he believes that creation that flows naturally has the best outcomes and remains open to new and ingenious outputs.

Acrylic, Canvas
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