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Born in 1982
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      About the Artist
      Lukman is an Indonesian Abstract painter who comes from a family of artists. Lukman’s uncle, Nasirun is a famous painter in Indonesia, and has inspired and supported Lukman’s artistic journey from a young age. Lukman is also inspired by other senior painters such as Fajar Sidik, Nyoman Gunarsa, Nyoman Erawan and Pablo Picasso. Drawing inspiration from them, Lukman creates abstract works with decorative and expressive styles, but the colors,strokes, shapes and compositions are unique to Lukman’s works and has a distinctive personal character to it. In his earlier works, Lukman often used wayang, an Indonesian theatrical performance that employs puppets or human dancers, as his muse. His recent works often include compositions of nature, mythology, traditional ornaments, traditional Javanese architectures and decorations as artistic elements. Although vastly abstract, his works are centred around local culture and milieus that gives it an expressionistic feel.
      Abstract, Expressionism
      Acrylic, Canvas, Collage
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