MA Roziq
Born in 1978
I capture my thought and imagination through my creativity.
About the Artist
MA Roziq is an Indonesian fine art photographer who has successfully exhibited his works in Indonesia, Singapore, Italy, Australia and Amsterdam. Roziq’s artworks are most unique and rare and has a distinctive modern approach to digital art. In his recent works, Roziq has photographed iced objects, which he first creates as ice blocks made from found objects frozen with coloured water. He then smoothens and sculpts them to form desired shapes and sometimes combines varied blocks to create a complete elaborate sculpture. The translucent ice gives a fascinating look to the sealed objects. It meaningfully distorts the image while enhancing the contrast aided by the quality of light that Roziq designs to pass through it or fall on it; Blurring their original purpose and giving them varied and renewed meanings. Roziq sees photography as a way to express his thoughts and imagination rather than just the act of capturing lights and events.
Acrylic Panel, Archival Pigment, Canvas, Paper, Print, Steel Palet
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