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Madan Lal
Born in 1964
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About the Artist

Madan Lal is a celebrated Master Artist from India. Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh is artist Madan Lal’s home and work space, a constant source of inspiration for his art. Madan grew up in Ferozepur in Punjab and the culture, heritage, motifs, landscape of his state and its rural areas have defined his imagery and vocabulary on canvas. The miniature tradition, frescoes of Ajanta and Ellora, Sufism, Buddha, all have a strong presence on the painter’s canvas.

The painter’s imagery is multi-layered and replete with life’s many motifs and bright colours that exude a mysterious vibrancy, drawn from many journeys, internal and external, with the forms finding their own space and place, along with the elements of nature - everyday life, birds, animals, dreams and fantasies. Madan’s anthropomorphic images, part human, part animal are employed deftly to paint the emotional-scape of human beings and the complexity of man-woman relationships. Eroticism too is a recurring thread. Chandigarh’s landscape, surroundings, architecture, has also inspired many of Madan Lal’s series of works, as he constantly explores new ways to express through his art. Drawing remains Madan Lal’s first passion, as he creates hundreds of sketch books, which also contain his poetry and tell many stories, as he embarks on new artistic journeys.

Madan’s works have been showcased across the country and world, appreciated both by art lovers and critics. Madan has been part of several national and international workshops, art camps, group and solo shows in both India and abroad and has worked in places like London in 2008, Sweden in 2009, Turkey Istanbul, Antalya, IZMIR in 2014, 2018 Macedonia in 2016/2017, Dubai UAE in 2016/2017, Lakshadweep in 2018, International Art Camp Nirja Modi School Jaipur, 2018, APJ Jalandhar 18/19 Bharti Vidyapeeth University Pune in 2017, Chikldahra (MP) in 2016, Jammu and Kashmir in 2015/16/17/18, Barog, Gangtok, Pune, Kurukshetra, Shimla, Amritsar and many more. Madan’s works of art are in the collection of leading galleries in India, UK, Germany and USA as also in many private collections.

Contemporary, Figurative
Acrylic, Canvas
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