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Mayek Prayitno
Born in 1980
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      About the Artist
      Mayek Prayitno is a well established Indonesian artist. His works principally depict the human psychological reactions to the fast paced reshuffling and revamping of the world around us. Prayitno’s illustrations represent the impact of technological advancements on our mind and life in general. The shackles of modern society which creates unending desires and lends the provocation to acquire beyond one’s needs or capabilities can create individual and social conflicts. This emotional state is portrayed with finesse in Prayitno’s works. His paintings are complex with a mixture of various elements of human anatomy, machinery, urban structures, abstract components etc. In true expressionist style, the people, places and objects in his work are distorted and exaggerated. He draws inspiration from international artists such as Salvador Dali, Escher and Andy Warhol. He also follows the works of Heri Dono and Agus Suwage from Indonesia. Fun Fact: Prayitno is a popular commercial illustrator.
      Abstract, Expressionism, Figurative
      Acrylic, Canvas, Paper, Woodcut
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