Meistoria Ve
Born in 1974
My art is a spiritual experience creating awareness that existence is bigger than any individual and it has neither a beginning, nor an end – imagine the forms swirling on forever if the canvas was to be expanded infinitely.
About the Artist
Maestoria Ve is an established Indonesian artist with diverse talents. Ve was first fascinated by the patterns of particle movements under the microscope at school, inspiring him to capture those images on paper. In due course, mixing emotions and imaginations and endowing them on to a canvas felt truly empowering, galvanising the start of his art career. Initially his artworks were surrealistic in style. A syears passed and his sensibilities evolved, Ve gravitated more towards abstract, which according to him lends more to his current mental state – more expanded than before. He was inspired by Jackson Pollock, an American painter, a major figure in the abstract expressionism movement. Ve articulates his ideas with splashes of bright paint splattered all over the canvas with swarming serpentine patterns, endless curls and overlapping strokes. His abstract works are the result of his exploration of the inner self. Ve’s art is very soul to soul. It absorbs you and invites you to inhabit in its landscape.
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