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Meuz Prast
Born in 1986
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About the Artist

Meuz is an Indonesian painter who has taken massive strides in his style and technique in the recent years. He is a prolific painter and explores diverse contemporary styles in each of his works. The uniqueness of each series he paints comes from his high enthusiasm for experimental creativity. A younger Meuz had started off as a figure and landscape artist. But with time and experience, he has found his niche in surrealistic and figurative abstractions. Social issues such as class distinctions and political struggles are often the central themes of his works.

Inspired by painters such as Klimt, Monet and Suradi PW (an Indonesian artist of the 1940s), Meuz also draws inspiration from his friends in the Yogyakarta, including Pupuk D.P., Nasirun, Samurl Indratma, and Sindunata.

Fun Fact:

Meuz is active in his art community called Kridaro and is a project manager at Sidoarum Art House in Yogyakarta. He is also a popular freelance illustrator for newspapers and books.

Abstract, Contemporary, Expressionism
Acrylic, Canvas, Paper
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