Meuz Prast

"Art is religion in the human life which has no regular shape and unlimited. Art is the trigger to a calm behaviour of the artist."

Born: Sleman 6 August 1986

Studies: Art Senior High School of Yogyakarta

Works: Meuz does contemporary painting, he specializes in figures.


  • 2017 "20 artist exhibition", Miracle Prints, Yogyakarta
  • 2016 "25th Prambanan World heritage", Museum Prambanan Yogyakarta
  • 2013 "SUKA PARI SUKA", Affandi museum, Yogyakarta
  • 2006 "ART FOR JOGJA", Taman Budaya Yogyakarta


  • Best Sketching Rawa Kalibayem in Art Senior Highschool (SMSR) Yogyakarta

About the Artist:

Meuz mostly paints figures such as Shiva and landscape. He has graduated from High School of Art and has been painting since the year of 2000.

He has been inspired by Gustav Klim, Monet and Suradi PW an Indonesian artist in the 1940th era. Many of his friends (Yogyakarta painters) also inspired Meuz, such as Pupuk D.P, Nasirun, Samuel Indratma and Shindunata.

Meuz mostly the theme of his paintings are social issues and phenomenon such as social class gap and also political issue.

Need to Know:

  • Meuz is the leader of an Art Group named KRIDARO in Yogyakarta.
  • He is the Project manager of Rumah Seni Sidoarum, an art space in Yogyakarta.