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Mrinmoy Mondal
Born in 1981
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About the Artist

Mrinmoy Mondal is an Indian Contemporary artist from Kolkata. His paintings are primarily naturalistic and concerned with times of the past and present. Life, which is a continuous flow of experiences lends the elementary impetus for his works. There is no particular subject to which he restricts his canvas; but the continued flux of events around him has influenced him to create variety of subjects. Where one canvas shows the cruelty of war, another depicts the tranquility of urban life. Moments of the past, thoughts of the future and the certainty of the present are woven effectively together in his works. To Mondal, the dark and light are the most important factors of a painting as only they can project the perception of creation and destruction moments of life.

Mrinmoy’s paintings burst with inner aggression and rage. His paintings are a synthesis of primal colors, basic forms and primordial fantastic images, which are expressions of his deep love and almost obsessive aversion of the self tortured by despair. The abruptness of his intense colour scapes and meticulous, almost designed detailing, imply his forced acceptance of the solitariness and absurdity of attempting to reinvent oneself with every turn of events. The writings on his paintings echo the unbounded hatred at the failed attempts to transcend the physical content of reality – a reality that is repetitive and absolutely non-virtual.

In 2007, he painted “The Continents,” which he considers his masterpiece. The painting was done effectively with colours of the 5 continents expressing their sorrows, joys, love and frustrations.

Fun Fact: Mrinmoy is a member of the group “Bengal Trayee.”

Contemporary, Impressionism
Acrylic, Canvas, Paper, Watercolour
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