Muhammad Husain

"Art is my way to communicate with others"

Born: March 16, 1991


  • Institute of Art Solo
  • Visual Communication Design, Solocom, Solo

Works: Husain artworks are naïve, he mostly paint person with distortion. Husein's painting are the result of his reflection on what he has experienced, thought and felt. Husain keep using the nature as the symbol to visualize his personal life story


  • 2010 Kepatihan Art Space, Solo
  • 2011 Back to Basic, Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah Solo
  • 2012 Indie Hoi, Galeri Biasa Yogyakarta
  • 2013 Open to Close, Galeri Institute of Art Solo

About the Artist

Husain, a painter who lives in Solo jawa Tengah Indonesia, is till in his final semester in Institute of Art Solo. He has already joined several group exhibitions in his city, Solo and also Yogyakarta.

Need to Know:

  • Husain with his class mate establish a sharing and learning community named SATOE KOSONG where kids can learn painting and creating 2 dimension artworks free.