Mulyo Gunarso

“Art is the way to express my disquiet”

Born: Kediri, 31 July 1979

Education: Indonesia Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta

Style: Surrealism

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, Acrylic Pencil on Canvas, Oil on Canvas

About the Artist:
Mulyo is an Indonesian artist who weaves a story into each of his artworks. He is a proud warrior of environmental sustainability with an uncanny imagination. His paintings strive to drive home the importance of living our present responsibly to safeguard the needs of our future generations. Gunarso enjoys the process of composing tiny details such as letters, lines and objects into a collage of imagination and colour that finally transmute to meaningful illustrations. Using nature elements such as trees, birds and sky as metaphors, he often portrays the imbalance and desolation in nature today.

Group Exhibitions:
2019 “Representation #3”, Pendopo Art Space, Yogyakarta
• “International Tsai-Mo City and Flower Art Exhibition”, Taichung, Taiwan
• “International Tsai-Mo Cart Art Exhibition”, Taichung, Taiwan
• “The Art of Humanity”, IMAGO MUNDI, BentaraBudaya Jakarta
• “International Tsai-Mo Fish Art Exhibition”, Taichung, Taiwan
• “Indonesia: Islands of Imagination”, IMAGO MUNDI, Italy
• “The Art of Humanity”, IMAGO MUNDI, BentaraBudaya Bali
• “Legacy of Java Culture Basoeki Abdullah, RumahJawa Gallery, Jakarta
• “Out of Focus”, MJK Art Community, Srisasanti Gallery, Yogyakarta

• Finalist of International Painting Contest and Exhibition Cytology, France
• Finalist of Art Revolution Taipei (ART), International Art Competition (IAC), Taiwan
2012 Golden Osten Awards, 40th World of Gallery of Drawing, OSTEN BIENAL of DRAWING, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
2011 Finalist of UOB painting of the Year, Jakarta, Indonesia