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Nugroho Heri Cahyono
Born in 1981
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About the Artist

Nugroho Heri Cahyono is an Indonesian artist who is a bold proponent of the positive effects of modernization in societies. He believes that it is a progressive transition from a traditional to a modern society. His artworks are illustrations of his appreciation of technology, globalisation, democracy, development and most importantly, the continued harmonious existence of the old and the new. He encourages acceptance of the present-day order.

Nugroho is highly exploratory with styles, textures and concepts in his works. Innately enterprising, he continually scouts around for new materials and techniques for each of his subsequent artworks .He is also popular for works that he has created with printmaking techniques on canvas which implements hardboard cutting and calligraphy prints.

Nugroho has been a recipient of various prestigious awards in Indonesia and was notably the finalist of UOB Painting of The Year in 2012.

Fun Fact:

Apart from being an artist , Cahyono is also an art lecturer at a University in Yogyakarta

Contemporary, Surrealism
Canvas, Collage, Oil, Paper relief, Printing
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