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Nurfu Ad
Born in 1975
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About the Artist

Nurfu Ad, is an established surrealist painter from Indonesia. In his latest collection, he uses teak leaves as the primary motif and creates a surrealistic spectacle around it. What inspired Nurfu is the fact that Teak is a strong hard wood, one of the best woods for furniture and building construction and its roots, trunk and leaves form the base modules that aids the healthy growth of the tree. But what inspired Nurfu is the leaves. Just like teak leaves, through his works, Nurfu wants to inspire people to be strong and useful to others. Teak leaves lends itself well for various themes ranging from spirituality to social issues, environmental views and so on. And just like a strong and durable teak tree, Nurfu shows consistency in his works through diligence, details and rich exploration of themes.

Canvas, Oil, Wax
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