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Putu Sastra Wibawa
Born in 1991
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      About the Artist
      Putu Sastra Wibawa is an emerging artist from Gianyar, Bali who has had an early induction into the art world by his father, an established Indonesian artist. In later years he was inspired by the works of Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter and sculptor whose controlled structures and attention to detail is striking. Putu Sastra as well,plans out each of his work carefully, starting from making a design based on his visual research of surrounding objects, which are extracted not in their representational understanding but in their abstractive sense. He calls this “creative resistance", that go against general prespective which tends to see abstract for its spontaneity. In general, his work is a reflection of life, passion and hope. Many of the inspirations in his paintings come from nature and environment, as well as life’s desires and its dynamics. According to him, all the works that he produces are masterpieces; each of them has gone through an inventive process that projects a distinctive story and creates a unique impression.
      Metal paste
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