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Ramadhyan Putri Pertiwi
Born in 1993
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About the Artist

Ramadhyan is an Indonesian plein air artist. Painting outdoors, shecaptures the fluidity of nature with its myriad colors and compositions, focussing more on tone than on shapes. Since the tone is captured by direct visual contact, the colours are vivid and exemplifies the beauty of nature. Bitten by the plein air bug, she loves to paint while on trekking and hiking trips. Her works exude positive vibes, that reflects her hope for a harmonious relationship between nature and humans.

Ramadhyan also takes inspiration from Cy Twombly and Van Gogh. She likes Cy Twombly for the depth and calmness of his works, while Van Gogh for his honest expressive works.

Fun Fact:

As a nature lover, Ramadhyan likes trekking, hiking and mountaineering.

Acrylic, Canvas
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