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Ramesh Terdal
Born in 1972
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      About the Artist

      Ramesh Terdal is an established Indian painter who has achieved recognition in the art world for his original quasi-abstract style. The great Italian philosopher Croce wrote “feeling without image is blind, and image without feeling is void” almost a century ago. Artist Ramesh Terdal has given power to this ideology by creating expressive abstraction of forms in his paintings.

      Ramesh, in his earlier works, illustrated strong human emotions with definitive forms in expressionist and figurative styles. Over the years, his thought process and style has evolved to abstract and quasi-abstract styles, creating a visual experience that is free and unencumbered by the weight of objects and people. Terdal’s works have been developed from his psyche-intuitive experiences; abstract in appearance and yet manifesting hidden forms of animals, birds, aquatic figures like fish, human forms and other magical images, attributing to itself a surrealistic flair.

      Acrylic, Canvas
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