Reza Dwakiss Pahlevi
Born in 1979
Art is the purest form of expression, it’s my passion, its my life
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      About the Artist
      Reza Pahlevi is an Indonesian contemporary artist. Reza is most inspired by the British Artist Damien Hirst and his contemporary expressionistic style. Indonesian painters Affandi and Agus Suwage have also influenced Reza’s artistic method. Reza has a unique and structured process in creating artworks; He invests time in concept building, followed by exploration into media choices and finally a decision on what perspective he wants to convey with his new work, all this before the first strokes of his brush. For Reza, to paint is to identify an object, person or belief, and give it a new dimension and meaning. This automatically gives unhackeneyed perspectives to mundane objects and situations. Painting, for Reza is a meditative process and being a musician adds to this ruminative experience. Fun Facts: Besides painting, Reza is a musician and a graphic designer. He is a member of the popular Angrock Art Club.
      Contemporary, Expressionism
      Acrylic, Canvas
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